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With this User Friendly system all HR and Payroll tasks can be completed quickly and accurately. 


Paytime is an efficient and result-driven payroll- and HR processing System.

Paytime helps businesses perform the administrative functions of managing a workforce—payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, workforce planning, and regulatory compliance (Tax regulations)

this software enables HR managers to simply feed employee details, position, level, annual salaries, leaves, PF and tax details, and this payroll system will immediately calculate the monthly salary without any flaw.

HR Management

  • Employee tracking

  • Performance management

  • Time & Attendance tracking and Management

  • Compensation & Benefits Processing

  • Reimbursement Processing

  • Build employee schedules and optimize shifts

  • Efficiently process last minute shift swaps and absences

  • Employee self-service

  • Mobile access (through native app or web interface)

Bring more efficiency, promote the culture of smart work rather than hard work and  automate the HR system of the organisation

payroll processing

  • Payroll Reports  

  • Management Reporting/analytics

  • Query Management

  • Income Tax Calculation 

  • Email Income Tax Computations 

  • Email Salary Slips 

  • Salary Transfers to Banks 

  • Quarterly & Annual Return

PayTime also offers the possibility to process different period types e.g.

  • Monthly 

  • Bi-Weekly (14 days)

  • Weekly

Let PayTime do the work!

PayTime is a software system that allows you to process the personnel information and salary administration of your organization in a quick, simple and efficient way. You can process the payroll administration of more than one company and the number of employees per administration is unlimited.

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