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For customers who want customization, we always have a suitable solution

PayTime Human Resource Management System

PayTime is a software system that allows you to process the personnel information and salary administration of your organization in a quick, simple and efficient way.

You can process the payroll administration of more than one company and the number of employees per administration is unlimited.

FASTPos for Wholesale & Retailers

This software system offers retail companies the opportunity to:
• Keep track of stock records using existing bar codes
• Facilitate sales with a barcode scanner
• Monitor the minimun stock and report it
• Keep a supplier file

• This system can also be linked to other financial packages.
• Sales are also kept historically.


Stockware is a warehouse stock system.

The ease of use and the high degree of flexibility enable you to keep track of the stock administration of your organization in a simple and effective way.

With the help of StockWare both consumables and capital goods (factories, machines, tools, raw materials) can be efficiently administered.


The Cambio system can be used at Money Exchange offices and / or other institutions where (money) transactions are carried out.

With this system, transactions can be carried out with ease, since the system is designed in such a way that the actions to be performed are clearly defined and easy to follow.

Automatic Report emailing to the Central Bank of Suriname is possible with this software.


RepairAgent has been developed to meet the needs of automation at auto repair companies to provide.

RepairAgent offers the possibility to create work orders with great ease, to retrieve overviews of work orders, spare parts delivery notes as well as invoices, costs and costs receipts, as well as mutations. The above overviews are made on flexible method, since virtually every phase associated with a repair is entered and recorded.
This concerns invoicing, purchase of parts and time registration.


Helps you improve patient care and overall business operations.

It is an integrated system that enables you to manage all aspects of your Dental  practice, from check-in to appointment reminders and digital record transfer. Key features include clinical charting, billing, patient scheduling and digital imaging designed specifically to meet the needs of single and multi-location dental practices.


Use DentCare to organize information and create custom reports that make sense for your practice. Let the power of Dentcare  pull together the data you need to see, such as:

  • Day sheets for transactions in a given date range

  • Aging reports for guarantors and for insurance carriers

  • Custom financial reports based on your criteria 

  • Reference reports, important patient information and more

​Custom made Software

  • Vehicle Inspection & Certification

  • National Register Childcare (Landelijk Register Opvangtehuizen)
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry Trade Register 
  • Pathology Laboratory Information System
  • Farmers Loan Management Software
  • Parcel shipment management


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